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Want to discover more about the Kennet and Avon, Llangollen, the Oxford canal or any of the other canals in UK?
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Canal boat holidays

You choose where and you drive
a boat.
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Canal Boat Hire

You can arrange a canal boat hire
on selected Narrowboats, Cruisers.
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Canal Cruises

If you want scheduled cruises to
a published time table?
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Central England

Including Grand Canals,
Oxford Canals.
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NW & The Pennines

Including Bridgewater & Leeds and Liverpool Canals.
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Southern England

Including Grand Canals,
Regent's canal.
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Canals in Scotland

Including Caledonian Canal and
about The Falkirk Wheel.
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Canal Wales

Information on Llangollen Canal.
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Norfolk Broads

The most popular and frequented
waterways in the whole of the UK.
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