For sale -Our Easy Canoe used in some of our 2018 marketing promotions *50% off list price

RTG staff have used this canoe on only five occasions and each time had a lot of fun on the canals while we were working.This is a highly portable, folding,Canadian style canoe. Its a bit of a show stopper made of a modern, durable material and can be taken by car, train or plane to explore the world of water.

But its no longer needed and so far its not been used this year. We've priced it to sell-with a big discount..One canoe only.

Above, sisters Namrata and Twinkle- RTG staff  back in 2018 -at Camden Lock on the Regents canal.

This lightweight, stylish, Canadian style speedy canoe, transforms into a truly, portable unit that can be transported in the boot of any fair sized car !
It’s easy enough to assemble with straightforward instructions, opening up the world of canoeing on lakes, canals and the rivers. Have a canoe-can travel .

Above,                                                                                                                               It packs into two carrying cases. publisher Stephen Worsfold. proves this versatile canoe can be enjoyed by all ages!

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